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Welcome to the only web site dedicated to the name Stallibrass.


It's an uncommon name with a number of variations, Stallybrass, Stalebrass and others are usually variations that can be traced back to a common ancestor.


Because the name is so unusual, we had often wondered about it's true origins but  lacked the time and energy to fully research it. This situation has changed somewhat thanks to the efforts of Peter Stallibrass, who has spent countless hours over the past few years not only researching  the name, but also the family tree. Given that this can now be traced directly back to the late 1400's this has been no mean feat.


If you have ever been asked about the name and where it comes from but have not been able to give an answer, then this site should prove very interesting.


You will find some interesting things about our name here - It's origins, as far as we know them, and of course the family tree that goes back to the 15th century. Why not have a look to see if you are on it and if not, drop us a line so that we can add you on.