All of the research for this website has been carried out by Peter Stallibrass. His retirement has allowed him the time to look further into the origins of our name and also to trace his lineage. The time and effort involved in such a major undertaking cannot be overstated and we are grateful for his efforts.


"When my father, Edward Arthur Stallibrass, passed away in 1994, I was given the "Family Bible". Inside the back cover my Great Grandfather had entered the names and birth dates of his four sons but as it was passed through the generations the list was not expanded.

This antecedent paradigm was ignored until 1999 when I visited the local library and found the IGI (International Genealogical Index) for Hertfordshire and Cambridge. Here began my archival journey through fields of ambiguous records and unclear information. Transcription errors by officials of the day added to the confusion and to date 18 variations of the spelling have been found back to 1539.

Telephone directories listed Stallibrass 17 times with "i" as the second vowel and I wrote to each but the response was less than anticipated. Nevertheless, Helen Alison Stallibrass whose husband, Geoffrey, had worked on our Family Tree, loaned me papers that proved to be the anchor point for my research.

Many hours have been spent visiting Public and Family Offices in London, Essex and Hertfordshire and while some visits yield useful information others have proven fruitless, but the journey continues.

Contact with other members of the Stallibrass family has been very rewarding and the Internet has produced many possible avenues of investigation but each answer spawns additional questions so the research goes on and on and on…"


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