Family Tree:

I cannot view the family tree: In order to view the family tree, you need to have JavaScript support installed. This was supplied with windows prior to the launch of Windows XP but the latest operating systems do not ship with it. Therefore some people have noticed that they were able to view the tree but after upgrading their PC, they cannot access it. The solution is simply to load the support by clicking on the JavaScript link on the family page button or going directly to 


Do I have to pay for JavaScript? No. The program is free of charge.


How do I navigate the family tree? Full instructions on operating the tree, searching for individuals and taking ownership of the tree are given within the application. to access these instructions, open the tree and click on the ? button at the top right.



I cannot view the pictures: In order to correctly view the images in our galleries, you must have Macromedia Flash player installed. If you do not, click on the link in the Pictures page or go to


Do I have to pay for Flash Player?  No. The program is free of charge.


I cannot see the name of the picture: By default, the names are not displayed. To display them, click the ? symbol at the bottom right of the pictures window. The thumbnails will move down and the name of the image will now appear below the picture. If you can still not see the names,  the window may be too small. Try enlarging the window by dragging the lower right corner. If you have enlarged the window as far as it will go, then  your screen display resolution is set too low. If this is the case, you must alter the resolution of the screen.


How do I send a picture for inclusion in the site? We welcome all additional pictures but they can sometimes be rather large and can create problems when emailing. To get round this, we have set up a drop box for images within this site. We ask you to rename your images before sending them, with the name of the individual and and any dates known.


Do pictures I send get added to the site automatically?  No. When you send the picture, they are scrutinised by the author and images for publication are forwarded to the webmaster for any retouching and  posting to the site.


How long will it take to get my pictures published?  We endeavour to publish pictures as soon as we can but like everyone, we have full time jobs so there may be a short delay. Please be patient with us